Many adults attribute special memories to time spent with their grandparents when they were young. Whether you enjoyed rare one-on-one time, learned to develop a skill or appreciated having another place where you felt loved unconditionally, your grandparents likely played an important role in your life.

As a parent, you might want to allow your children the opportunity to create similar memories with their grandparents, despite any extenuating circumstances your family may face. And since a court could potentially grant your children’s grandparents visitation rights, it might be important to recognize the role grandparents play in children’s lives.

Grandparents can provide numerous benefits to their grandchildren

While you are busy trying to balance your children and career, grandparents typically have more time to slow down and enjoy the present moment with your kids. And although you would do anything for your children, their grandparents can offer them:

  • Learning opportunities – Grandparents tend to be patient as they spend time with their grandkids and introduce them to new hobbies.
  • Family history – Through conversations with their grandparents, your children can learn about what you and their other parent were like when you were younger. Your kids might enjoy hearing stories and learning about family traditions.
  • A special place – While some people may think grandparents spoil their grandkids, your children can thrive in a place where they know they are special and always welcome.

You have probably heard it takes a village to raise a child. And continued relationships between your children and their grandparents could help everyone involved. Your children’s visits to their grandparents may provide you with a needed break to recharge. Meanwhile, time with children can help older adults stay young, as they see the joy your children bring.

In Tennessee, grandparents can get court-ordered visitation in certain situations.  The most common of these is when one parent is deceased or when the grandparents spent a substantial amount of time raising the child.  If a conflict then arises where the grandparents are denied visitation, the courts might get involved.