Making the choice to end a Tennessee marriage is a complex decision, and for many families, it represents the end of a time of fighting, stress and disagreements. In many ways, a divorce can actually be a healthy choice for every member of a family. However, children can be deeply impacted by this process, and parents will want to make certain they protect their kids as much as possible.

According to a child psychologist, there are specific things a parent can do to shield the mental and emotional well-being of their kids during this time. One important thing is allowing the children to have a good relationship with both parents. This may mean sharing parenting time, but it is often the best choice for the kids. Additionally, parents can reduce stress on their kids by not speaking negatively about each other within earshot of their kids. This can build animosity and damage important formative relationships in the child’s life.

It is also important for kids to understand that their parents’ choice to divorce is not their fault. Kids should never have to bear that type of guilt, and it can do significant damage mentally and emotionally. Parents will want to work hard to make sure their kids feel loved and supported. 

Through a reasonable child custody and visitation schedule, parents can provide stability and security for their kids for years to come. Divorce is challenging, but it’s not smart to allow hard feelings between parents to harm the children in any way. A parent will find it beneficial to think about the long-term implications of any choices he or she makes before moving forward with an important decision.