What will happen to the children is one of the most complex and difficult issues a parent will have to address during a divorce. Kids are more equipped to adjust to their parents’ separation and divorce when the parents are committed to working together through a reasonable and fair child custody order. Kids are also more likely to succeed after divorce when they are allowed to maintain a strong relationship with both parents. 

Divorce is not easy for parents, and there are a lot of strong feelings involved in the process of ending a marriage. No matter how Middle Tennessee parents in Williamson, Maury, and Rutherford counties feel about each other, it is always better for their children if they refrain from speaking negatively about each other. In fact, our legislators made it a Tennessee law under T.C.A. § 36-6-101 (vi) to prohibit them from making such remarks about one another and their families.  It’s also important for their kids to see each other working respectfully together to meet the terms of their custody plan.

After divorce, parents may find it beneficial to live close together. This means it will be easier and less stressful when the child is going back and forth between houses, and it means both parents can stay involved, even when it is not their visitation time. Kids clearly need time and input from both parents, and taking these steps can help them thrive.

When making choices pertaining to child custody, parents would be wise to look at what will truly be most beneficial for their kids. This may require setting aside their own temporary emotions and focusing on how to provide as much stability and security as possible. Before agreeing to any terms, a parent in Brentwood, Murfreesboro, or Columbia will want to talk about his or her concerns with an experienced legal advocate.