Numerous world-renowned artists, musicians and writers call Tennessee home. With a great deal of activity flourishing through the Volunteer State, domestic violence issues can sometimes appear stranger than fiction. We understand how aggressive behavior might begin in the home and how it can then develop into a dangerous environment no matter how imaginary it may seem at first. You might suddenly become aware that you or your children may require assistance in getting through the situation.

Under circumstances where domestic violence or abuse is subtle and ongoing, circumstances may intensify, especially during stressful events such as a divorce or separation. As reported by The Washington Post, for a paranormal romance novelist based in Tennessee, domestic violence issues allegedly took shape through an assault by poisoning and interference with business relationships.

After filing for a divorce, the best-selling novelist began to suspect that her spouse was responsible for her mysterious symptoms. When she started choking and vomiting, she accused her husband of tainting her food and drinks. Reportedly, the toxins she ingested putrefied her teeth and left her unable to breathe and walk.

Clumps of her hair began to fall out and her other symptoms included a metallic taste in her mouth, stomach cramps and vertigo. When she filed legal action against her soon-to-be ex-husband, he accused her of having “blurred the line between fiction and reality.”

It may seem strange to connect sudden and unusual symptoms to a spouse. When suspicions of domestic violence exist, however, neglected and underlying issues might exist below the surface. Self-care and increased personal attention may be worthy of consideration during a life-changing divorce.

Our page on domestic violence and divorce provides more information on what you might expect during the proceedings.