Compassionate Guidance For Child Custody Matters

No legal issues are more critical than ones that involve the relationship you have with your children. At Zettersten & Hammond, we handle child custody and visitation issues with great care and compassion because we understand the tremendous stakes.

If you are seeking an experienced child custody lawyer in Brentwood, Murfreesboro or the surrounding area, we are here for you.

A Firm That Puts Children First

We handle child custody and child support matters for a broad range of clients, including married parents who are getting divorced and unmarried parents who are separating. Our clients also include grandparents and other third parties seeking visitation rights with the children they care about, as well as stepparents seeking to adopt.

Our clients often seek primary residential custody of their children and wish to maintain a productive relationship with the other parent. We believe that a nasty legal battle serves no one, least of all the children. We do everything in our power to help parents work together to find solutions. We offer mediation services to meet this need.

Child Custody Modifications

When circumstances change, it is sometimes necessary to modify child custody or child support orders. The legal standard for modifications, as in all child custody matters, is doing what is best for the children. If you are seeking a change or trying to stop one you believe would adversely affect the relationship you have with your children, we can represent your interests.

Discuss Your Child Custody Needs With An Experienced Tennessee Attorney

Our lawyers are here to protect your parental rights and the best interests of your children. Contact our law offices online or by telephone at 615-896-5720 to arrange your free initial consultation.